Mobistar (Orange)
+/- 30.000
350 man-days
Project description: After ten years of operation by a private consortium, the IRISnet network (350 km of fibre optics providing the telephony and data-transport needs of 126 Brusselonian public administrations) was restored to the region. Gate-16 was mandated to provide post-acquisition, due-diligence services, and to define integration projects for the network's operations within the context of a Mobistar/Brussels joint venture. Immediately afterwards, Gate-16 was also hired to manage the following transition projects:
  • Project 1: Due Diligence: Documentation of processes, systems and 'as is' organisation;
  • Project 2: Network: Organisation of the search, networking, and constitution of a CMDB for equipment and data services;
  • Project 3: Fixed-Line Voice: Creation of an inventory database, constitution of a CMDB for equipment and voice services;
  • Project 4: Service Desk: Definition of the IT Service Catalogue, definition and installation of the new service desk (organisation, process, IVR, BSS and monitoring).
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Results: All CMDBs are currently being loaded into the new service desk tool and placed within the network operations. A new IT Service Catalogue, accessible to clients via a web portal, will not only enable the team to manage incidents, changes and configurations (based on the e-Tom and ITIL model) but also to efficiently manage service requests (RFS).