IT Headhunting & HR Services

Due to the complexity of our clients' requests, and their ever-growing needs for IT professionals, the Gate-16 HR team members include a well-known head-hunter. The team not only meets our own needs but also the needs of our clients whom, over a period of two years, we have assisted with the hiring of 37 new employees.
  IT Headhunting  
Over the last 4 years, our head-hunter has been instrumental in the hiring of at least 82 new employees, more than 80% of whom are engineers and architects who are involved in :
  • Network Infrastructure Services(Internal - External DNS / Routing - Switching / QoS / Load-Balancing / WAN Accelerator / Wi-Fi-Guest,
  • Converged Communications (IP phone / VC / Mobile Services),
  • Security Management (Authentication / Firewall / IPS / Proxy / RAS),
  • System Administration for Unix / Windows / Virtualization / Storage / Back-up,
  • Project and System Architecture Management,

When such employees are screened on behalf of our clients, we provide a summary of skills as well as an evaluation of the requested compensation with respect to the current market conditions.

  Team set-up
Before adding outsourced teams to our own payroll, (cf. IT outsourced Organization Staffing), we perform a standard series of skills verifications.  We also make this service available to clients who want us to hire teams for their own organisations. In such cases, we take care of the 'end-to-end' process including the definition of profiles, the overall hiring process, cost/margin management, recruitment follow-up, and associated recruitment progress-reports.