IT Outsourced Organisation

Since many large companies incorporate teams of external computer experts within their organisation. Effective management of such teams require globally-accepted, standard, operational processes and tools. Above all, managing specialised skill-sets is critical to ensuring that the job gets done right!
  Service Management Processes

In general, our consultants use one of the two following approaches to design an IT process structure:
  • the COBIT referential for IT development and implementation activities (location and purchasing of IT solutions, system installation and validation, user instruction and training, maintenance, etc.);
  • the ITIL referential for IT services (management of requests, incidents, loads, problems, configurations, capacities and availabilities, etc.).

Nevertheless, we favour the use of a referential that is specific to the given sector (ex. TelCo / E-tom).  

The use of a referential allows us to perform reliable diagnostics of existing systems and to develop new processes, and tools, that are consistent with the given sector's best practices.

We also provide 'end-to-end' assistance including help with implementing the optimised processes.
  Tools & reports

Once the volumes of 'Configuration Items' and user group sizes exceed a certain threshold, well-configured support tools are critical to ensure good productivity . Ticket registrations, follow-up, SLAs, and the creation of IT service reports, can all be automated to some degree and often much more than expected. The cornerstone of good IT service is the IT Service Catalogue in which each line item is provided with a complete service description (Service Design Package). This kind of database enables stakeholders (order-givers and service providers) to dedicate more time to service performance analyses rather than data collection and verification...

Who is more fit than managers to design IT solutions (applications and/or infrastructures), to manage their development/deployment, to manage their maintenance, expansion and support? Gate-16 never advises impossible solutions or ones that are too costly to implement. At your request, we will define the required profiles, hire, and manage, the necessary teams to operate the resulting applications and infrastructures. These services may be provided on a 'time & means' or 'managed services' basis (fixed price based on pre-defined volumes and SLA). For this purpose, Gate-16 relies on a 'skills matrix' to verify team capabilities and to support each service catalogue line item with the appropriate level of skills and resources.