Dimension Data & DIGIT (European Commission)
+/- 900
120 man-days
Project Description : To organize the renewal of the staff in charge of the complete IS environment (softwares) ofthe European Commision. The IS is composed by 15,000 softwares used as well by the EU officials as by external users.

The given mandate to Gate-16 was:
- to propose a full set of templates in order to provide staff members to each of the 115 positions to fill. This set had to ensure:
  1. the selection and recruitment of adequates profiles regarding the positions to staff  
  2. a balanced distribution of the revenue and the margins between the 4 members of the MSPEED consortium
  3. the global profitability of the contract
  4. the HR reporting related to the staffing progress
- to provide the staff for the 38 out of the 115 postions, including the whole team in charge of Geographical Inofrmation System (GIS)
Approche SetupAs is evaluationTo be designBuildImplementGo Live
Results: All of the 38 positions have been staffed. Afterwards, Gate-16 has been mandated for providing high skilled IT resources    on the 3 biggest IT contracts of hte European Commission: the MSP2 contract (softwares), Osais 2 contract (IT infrastructure incl. Datacenters), MNS2 (Network). In so doing, Gate-16 became an official IT provider of the European Commission.