Dimension Data & DIGIT (European Commission)
+/- 900
120 jours-homme
Project description: To organize the takeover of the management services of the whole IT infrastructure of the European Commission. This infrastructure is coposed by 5,000 devices located in 6 datacenters operated by 80 IT engineers.

The transition program covered 3 main streams:
- the due dilligence of the teams (Service Desk, Unix, Windows, Back up, Storage, VM, Project Office, DC Services), of the processes (ITIL + contract management) and the tools (ticketting, monitoring, orchestration);
- the selection and recruitent of the new staff and the organization of the knowledge transfer;
- the set up of the new organization and the start of the new staff, the new processess and the new service reports.
Approche SetupAs is evaluationTo be designBuildImplementGo Live
Results: Considering the constraints of the client, the takeover could be done completely or partially at 4 dates : after 9, 10, 11 or 13 months.  The Go live has been given at the first of these dates and for all of the services in once.