Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region
+/- 900
Road-Works Management
3,000 man-days
Project Description:  This mission consisted of installing a competence centre to process user tickets via an Osiris platform. Two-thirds of the tickets were for services, and/or support, for users who were unfamiliar with a very complex application. 

Project Size: The Competence Centre (CdCO) was composed of 4 operators (Gate-16 employees) who processed 10,500 tickets in the first 3 years.
Approche SetupAs is evaluationTo be designBuildImplementGo Live
  • Team recruitment
  • Definition and implementation of the service process management
  • Design and implementation of an 'Open Source' ticketing solution (based on a Gate-16 IT infrastructure) including an IT Service Catalogue listing standard requests
  • Design and implementation of a mapping solution (based on a Gate-16 IT infrastructure) to analyse the impacts on the mobility of 3,000 future worksites.
Lessons Learned: This mission started on 7/04/2014. In a renewed contract, we were assigned the tasks of support, design of future changes, project management of new developments, and the preparation of the necessary map data to facilitate good decisions.