Process Management @ Sibelga + ISO 2008
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Energy Distribution
700 man-days
Project Description: Following the merger of Sibelga (150 FTE) and the Electrabel NetManagement department (750 FTE) , the purpose of this project was to:
  1. Install a process-management system (integrating the processes of both entities into a single, harmonised process , new governance, tool, training, follow-up and progress reporting, etc.)
  2. Install an ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System (definition and follow-up of an improvement action plan)
  3. Take charge of internal audits (planning, audits, corrective action plan) and coordinate external audits.
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Results: The Sibelga business process model has become a powerful reference within the company (// organigram) used to organise change management. These changes may be applied to:
  • hundreds of deployed "process" roles (process owners, managers and designers)
  • an architecture to ensure reliable processes, more than 70% of which is fully documented
  • an internal audit system which gathers, details and prioritises opportunities for improvement
  • an external audit system to obtain ISO 9001:2008 certification. The certificate was obtained in September 2008 without any non-conformities and was renewed in 2011 (again without any non-conformities).

On a recurring basis since September 2008, Gate-16 has been providing interim management missions in order to maintain dynamic management of the various processes and audits (re-definition of audit schedules and definition of "process" improvement actions, preparation for external audits, recruitment, training & coaching, specific audits, etc.).

Lessons learned : Absolutely anyone can succeed with the support of a well-aligned Steering Committee.