Dimension Data
+/- 500
IT Solution integrator
120 man-days
Project Description : Management and re-organisation of the Sales Admin Team (in chargeof producing technical bids), Contract Admin (in charge of placing orders for equipment & associated maintenance, and planning deliveries and installation services), management of stock and processes to invoice Dimension Data Belgique.

An analysis revealed that the main 'end-to-end' process took an average of 8.4 days. The reason that the administrative process was so slow was that the file was being exchanged between too many interveners on various teams, and each one was responsible for only a portion of the work. Re-organisation of the teams into client-based segments meant that a single team would be in charge of entering the bid, order and delivery data for any given order. This re-organisation decreased the average processing time to under 5 days, for all client segments.

Project Size: The Gate-16-managed, re-organised department (Operations Manager), is equivalent to 85 FTE. On a monthly basis, the team processes an average of 1,500 bids, 500 orders and 500 invoices, worth approximately 14 million Euros.
Approche SetupAs is evaluationTo be designBuildImplementGo Live
Results: This 'end-to-end' project covered all aspects of the organisation's activities including an analysis of the organisation's basic principles, implementation, staff transition into new teams, generation of reports, and monitoring of each team's administrative production.

Lessons Learned: Weekly service reports are critical for 2 reasons. They help to manage client requests and client files so that lateness can be pro-actively detected and analysed before any negative, client feedback. They also help to quantify important indicators such as change-resistance, gains, and the impacts of newly-implemented organisational methods.